5 Steps to Immigrate From Mexico to Canada in 2021

The Mexican-Canadian Alliance is always convinced that the best lives and independence processes will destroy Northern Mexico – in Canada.

Mexicans ready to attend the biggest and biggest events are taking advantage of Canada’s economic growth and immigration rates to accommodate 1.23 million visitors by 2023! Not to mention the free trade agreement between Canada and Mexico which gives Mexicans who want to stay and work in Canada a great world over other applicants!

While global warming is worsening, Canada ranks as the second best country in the world in 2020 by US News and World Report, and the United States ranks seventh. Canada has managed the disease well with strong measures and improved public health programs such as providing financial assistance to the country and its residents forever in a $ 82 billion program.

Find out why Canada is one of the best countries to live in and how you can get out of Mexico to Canada in 2021 and beyond!

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5 Steps to Canada from Mexico in 2021

Step 1: Find a Place to Live in Canada
Have you decided where you want to live in Canada? As the second largest country in the world with 13 provinces and territories, you have many options to choose from. Each province in Canada has a variety of markets for activity, cost of living, culture, weather, and scenery ranging from flat areas, ocean areas, forest areas, and even deep water areas (brr) . Most Mexican immigrants in Canada live in the major cities of Ontario, Quebec, British Columbia, and Manitoba.

Due to the popularity of these large cities, Canada has created an immigration program called the Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot (RNIP) to attract more immigrants to smaller towns, cities and towns with less population., And Canadian communities with little experience and work.

It is important to check all the options you have chosen to find a city that suits your style and most importantly, your advice. For example, if you are in the transport industry you will have a better chance of having confidence in the immigration system in provinces such as Saskatchewan, Ontario, and Alberta with significant transportation costs and ongoing demand for drivers truck.

Step 2: Canadian Visa Requirements for Mexican Citizens
Before you can qualify for immigration you must meet Canadian visa requirements to apply for a permanent residence permit in Canada from Mexico. These requirements include being 18 years of age or older, good health, and a criminal record. You also need to prove your language proficiency in English or French by taking an approved language test for immigration purposes. Having the ability to speak fluently in one of these languages ​​will increase your lives, and will help you find a job in Canada more easily.

In most cases, if you are not currently allowed to work in Canada or get a promising job from a Canadian employer then you will need some money to support your resettlement to Canada.

Important Requirements

  • Good health (medical test is required);
  • Clean criminal record (police certificate is required);
  • English or French language skills (language test is required);
  • Settlement funds; and
  • Valid passport

Step 3: Find a Conversion Change Program for You

There is more than one way to get to Canada from Mexico in 2021. In fact, there are over 100 immigration and current visa programs in Canada! Some programs are based on levels, while others work on a start-up, first job or hired employee. And some programs open on an ongoing basis, while others have a fixed time. Find the top five Canadian Visa programs for Mexican citizens below!

1. Accept the Invitation to Apply (ITA) with Admission to Canada
You may have heard of the Installation Installation Process. This is a great migration program for Mexican Citizens who want to stay and work in Canada forever. It has one of the fastest processing times and receives the lowest number of immigrants to Canada each year. What’s more, you can include your spouse or partner as a common trust and confidence in your application even!

How can you get an ITA?
The goal is to obtain a Perfect Registration (ITA) for permanent residence through Express entry which operates on a sales platform known as the Reinforcement System (CRS).

As an applicant, you will be assessed by factors such as your age, years of work experience, language skills such as your level of education, and so on.
If you are one of the top scoring candidates then you will of course be able to get ITA while submitting Card entry which takes place twice a month. You can do some small things to increase your value like getting a job in Canada or winning a local election equal to 600 CRS points! Find out more about this in the upcoming migration program.

Which migration programs does Express entry work?
The Express Installation Process manages three major migration protocols and these Local Protocol Protocol (PNPs) related to the Express Installation Protocol. If you meet the Express Installation Requirements Express Express requirements then you can create an Internet Entry Data entry.

Express Entry Immigration Programs

  1. Canadian Experience Class;
  2. Federal Skilled Worker Program; and
  3. Federal Trades Worker Program.

How long will it take to process the Installation Installation application?
Quick entry is one of the fastest ways to fly from Mexico to Canada in 2021 with only six months application times!

How many visitors are entering the entry in 2021?
Express Show has been launched for 2021 to welcome 108,500 new residents to Canada!

2. Create Domain Names (PN)

Do you have a specific city or province in Canada? If so, you can check the rural or local entry committee to see if it is suitable for a Local Application. What’s more, Canada aims to accommodate between 64,000-81,500 visitors through 11 Community Education Programs (PNPs) by 2021.

If you are successful in finding a countryside then you can apply for a permanent residence permit in Canada from Mexico, and live in the countryside of your choice.

How does the Nominee Regional Program work?
PNPs are designed to meet the geographical needs of a province or area. For example, the Ontario Regional Regional Exhibition Program (OINP) welcomes skilled cross-border workers and special guests with special respect to truck drivers, nurse assistants, and vendors among other types of staff overseas. . It is good to know that some PNPs require you to have either work experience, curriculum, or career advancement in their areas.

What to Know: You can use PNP directly or you can send a useful message to the suburbs looking for someone who understands you through Express entry information.

3. Training in Canada to qualify for a Performance Apprenticeship (PGWP)
Qualifications for Canada such as a bachelor’s degree, diploma, or degree are considered in your favor because you weigh more than foreign qualifications on your national immigration application. Therefore, studying in Canada may not lead directly to permanent residence but it has the effect of having an effective long life that can improve your successful lives once you finish school, so go to Canada !

To top it off, if you have studied the relevant program for more than eight months in Canada you may be eligible for a Travel Permit that will allow you to continue working anywhere in the country to have work experience after your studies. The Canadian work experience with the curriculum is a great process for getting permanent residency in Canada.

Are you looking for an affordable way to study in Canada from Mexico? Talk to our student counselors for low cost services that PGWP also approves.

4. Working in Canada as a Farmer or Superintendent

Canada has a growing demand for staff and supervisors and welcomes Mexicans in these jobs to work in the country through special volunteer programs (see step five). Canada’s largest agricultural company employs about 2.3 million people, many of whom are modern-day workers from abroad. On the other hand, the Canadian population is rapidly aging, and caregivers are now in need more than ever.

The big news is that time spent working in Canada could lead to a long-term future in the Great North. If you are working in the country in the field of agriculture or supervisory status then you can apply for a visa to go to Canada from Mexico through the Immigration Pilot and Pilot of the Home Office. All you need is one to two years of professional experience in Canada and the provision of permanent employment from your employer.

5. Apply for a Job Gift from High Design Designers in Atlantic Canada
Do you want to live on the Canadian coast? It can be used by the Immigration Pilot (AIP) which is an employer guidance system. The first requirement is to obtain a work permit from your chosen employer in one of the Atlantic provinces which includes; New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Nova Scotia, and Prince Edward Island.

Start your hunt today! Find the list of selected candidates below:

List of Designated Employers

  • Prince Edward Island;
  • Newfoundland and Labrador;
  • Nova Scotia; and
  • New Brunswick.

Step 4: Obtain the documents required for Canadian Immigration

You will need to obtain specific certificates based on your immigration status. Documents must be filed with your Immigration application, and some of them pay additional fees such as taking a health test and writing a language test.

Here is a list of common documents for moving to Canada:

Documents for Canada Immigration
Document  About
Medical examination certificate Only doctors on this list of panel physicians can give you a medical examination certificate for immigration purposes. Simply, select your country of residence to find the nearest doctor in your area.
Valid passport or travel document You need to include copies of the pages on your passport or travel document. It’s important that your passport remains valid during the entire process.
Biometrics You need to give your biometrics (fingerprints and photo) in-person at a service center near you. It costs $85 to submit your biometrics with your application.
Police certificate A police certificate is a statement that you don’t have a criminal record or if you have one, a copy of your criminal record.
Language test results You need to submit the original copies and results of your language test for immigration purposes. The IELTS is the most popular test taken by those planning to move to Canada. Find a testing center near you with this search tool.
Education Credential Assessment (ECA) You may need to get your foreign credentials assessed by an approved institution such as World Education Services (WES).
Valid job offer letter (if applicable) If you have a job in Canada then you must include your job offer letter. It is an official company letterhead that indicates your job title, duties, salary, and dates of employment.
Family information documents These documents confirm your civil status and include documents such as your marriage certificate or divorce certificate as well as your children’s birth or adoption certificates.
Proof of work experience You need to provide a comprehensive reference letter that details your previous work experience, job duties, dates of employment, and your salary.
Settlement funds A single applicant applying to move to Canada without a job offer or authorization to work in the country must have at least $12,960 in settlement funds.


Obtain Canadian Immigration Certificates
Not sure what documents you need or where? At CanadianVisa.org, we make it easy with the Personal Visa Information Provider providing you with a complete list of all documents you need to obtain in relation to your country and immigration system. We even include video tutorials to show you how to find each business and its cost!

Step 5: Find Answers to Canadian Immigration Questions

1. How Can I Work in Canada from Mexico?
To work in Canada from Mexico you need a Canadian Permit. In 2018, 32,770 Mexicans entered Canada on work permits, setting a new record. The reason for the increase in the number of Mexican foreign workers in Canada is the poor trade agreement between Canada and Mexico. Some great work permit programs are available for Mexicans who want to experience a Canadian work experience that makes their lives of successful immigration possible! Find out more about these programs below.

1. United States – Mexico-Canada Conference (USMCA)
The USMCA is a trade agreement between Canada and Mexico that allows eligible Mexican workers to obtain Canadian work permits faster and more easily than usual. This is mainly because you do not need a Business Intelligence Management (LMIA) product to be efficient, which is a long and complicated process.

2. Vacation Visa
Work Vacation Visa is one of the best Canadian visa documents from Mexico for young people between the ages of 18-35. It allows you to travel in Canada to explore the worlds and beautiful cities that are famous in the world while working part-time in activities such as food and hospitality, sales and marketing and agriculture and much more, so much more!

This special application form is available to Mexicans with little choice, and is valid for 12 months!
3. Local Employees Program (SAWP)
Canada loves farm workers from selected countries and Mexico is one of them! If you are a farm worker then you can use SAWP for Canadian farmers to hire you during peak crop seasons. Once you have gathered enough work experience then you can apply for transfer to Canada via Agri-Food Immigration Pilot mentioned above.

2. How long will Mexicans live in Canada?
It depends on the type of Canadian passport you receive. If you come to Canada as a foreigner then you can stay for 60 days with an Electronic Travel Permit (eTA). If you are studying in Canada then your training certificate may be valid for the duration of your study program. And if you are working in Canada on a work permit then you can stay in Canada for the period specified in the working conditions on your work permit. This varies from foreign worker to foreign worker.

3. What is the simplest? Immigration to Canada or the United States
(The United States is) the first country, in terms of hope, for its people (Mexico. But while the United States has restricted the flow of immigrants and increased its regulations, many Mexicans are on their way to the Great North and the creation of a new quality of life in cities such as Toronto, Vancouver, and Winnipeg.The U.S. Visa Application is limited to 50,000 visitors and the joy takes place once a year. 2022-2023.

Learnara: US Power DV and Canadian Revenue

4. How Much Is Immigration In Canada?
There are a few factors to consider when planning a move to Canada from Mexico in 2021. The costs you can use to transfer your assets and visa fees. The latter includes the immigration documents you need to obtain, and the cost of the service you will have to pay if you choose to use the help of legal immigration consultants, as well as the cost required for a visa application.

Application Fees
Immigration Program Cost in CAD
Express Entry Processing and Right of Permanent Residence $825 + $500
Provincial Nominee Program Processing $250-$2000 (depending on the province, Ontario is the most expensive)
Study Permit Processing $150
Agri-Food Pilot and Caregiver Pilot $1325 and $1050
Atlantic Immigration Pilot Processing and Right of Permanent Residence $825 + $500
Work Permit Processing $155


5. Is COVID-19 not imported in Canada?
Yes, it is and in fact, not finished yet! Canada continues to make a lot of immigration applications at the beginning of the epidemic. So, if you want to apply for a visa to Canada in 2021 then you do not need to delay. It is possible that when a permanent residence permit is introduced and approved, the Canadian territory will be open and many citizens will be vaccinated.

How is Life in Canada for Mexicans?

Each year, approximately 3,000 Mexicans enter Canada. Canada is almost five times larger than Mexico but with a smaller population. In fact, 91 million people live in Mexico City compared to Canada! Canada is proud of its rich culture and celebrates all cultures, religions and traditions across the country, and the beauty of Mexican culture is no exception!

Mexican culture in Canada

Source: New Journey

Mexican restaurants can be found in a row on the streets of Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, and other major cities. Canadians are also monitored for the development of Mexican food products such as tacos el pastor, enchiladas, and churros due to trade immigration programs such as the Visa Initiative Program which allows Mexican merchants to travel to Canada and open restaurants and food trucks. As seen in the video above, Mexican culture is celebrated in local venues that celebrate and dance activities like La Bamba!

Cinco de Mayo Festival in Canada

On May 5, avocados and margaritas were on the menu in Canada because so many people participated in Mexico’s Independence Day celebrations, Cinco De Mayo. There are many small festivals throughout the country, most of which include the red, white, and green colors of the Mexican flag and the sounds of the mariachi bands – traditional music from Mexico. Many clubs, bars, and restaurants host special events, presentations, and tastes. Great events will include music and concerts, scenery, concerts, and therefore, lots of great Mexican food for everyone to enjoy! What’s more, schools often use this time to learn about Mexican and Spanish culture.

Shipping costs in Canada including Mexico

Source: Nation Leader

Transportation costs in Canada are nearly 2.5 times higher than in Mexico. This means you will have to pay extra for meals, household items. But by the way, Mexicans working in Canada came close to 2.4 times more. The average monthly rate in Canada is $ 2,773 compared to just $ 729 in Mexico. Canada’s unemployment rate is lower than Mexico’s, and the Canadian government plans to vaccinate the labor market by 1 million new jobs by the end of 2021!

Quality of Life in Canada
Canada ranks second in the world in 2020 and ranked first for quality of life. If you move to Canada from Mexico you will have access to free public health and social services such as unemployment benefits and parental leave benefits if you plan to start a family. Living in Canada means you will enjoy a better life with more facilities, underground parks, beaches, and outdoor activities such as racing on the Whistler Blackcomb and camping at The Rockies to eat so busy and active!

From Mexico to Canada: Take the First Step

If you are working for a better future for yourself and your family then Canada is the world to come, and the best thing is that Canada also loves you! With a welcoming view of immigrants and workers growing up on old age, you will benefit from the many economic benefits available across the country! Are you planning to join the thousands of Mexican-Canadians traveling from cities such as Cancun, San Miguel de Allende, and Puebla?

With 100 immigration options available, moving from Mexico to Canada can be an easy process to handle on your own. But not necessarily. Simply fill out the form below to get guidance and help from start to finish.

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