COVID-19: Resulted from a mistake in advanced technology; TB Joshua claims after failed prophecy

COVID-19 resulted from a mistake in advanced technology; TB Joshua claims after failed prophecy.

The most revered man of God spoke exclusively during a question and answer session held on his popular TV station, Emmanuel tv to address certain concerns from the viewers and his ardent followers. In what appeared to be an explanation to the earlier prophecy which got defied by the seemingly stubborn coronavirus, TB Joshua made this strong allegation.

According to the man of God, “coronavirus came as a result of error in advanced technology and innocent people are dying”. Additionally, the Prophet disclosed that, the “world leaders and scientists know what they are doing that’s why they keep promoting fear and pan”. He equally stated clearly that, these people he referred to as “world leaders” have the capacity to put a stop to it.

The well respected and celebrated Nigerian Televangelist, gave an advice to the scientists and world leaders to help them escape the wrath of God. He stated that, this is an opportunity for them to look at the troubled spots in the world, e.g Syria so that the displaced people can return to their countries. If not, God’s anger will come upon them.

To end his submission, the Prophet quoted 2Chronicles 7:14 which reads: Those who call by my name should humble themselves and pray and seek the face of God. The lord is ready to forgive them and heal their lands.

It would be recalled that the founder of The Synagogue Church of all Nations, came under intense criticism after his prophecy about the coronavirus failed woefully. In a trendy video, the Man of God said that, “This month 27th, it will be over by the end of the month whether we like it or not. No matter what medicine they might have produced to cure this or whatever. It will leave as it has come”.

COVID-19: Resulted from a mistake in advanced technology; TB Joshua claims after failed prophecy

Known over the years for the consistency and accuracy of his prophesies, many people believed and hoped that the anointed wand of the prophet will once again save the world as he was perceived to have redeemed many people in the past.

Unfortunately, his anointing could not tame the deadly coronavirus as the number of cases and death tolls increased drastically on the designated day for the miracle. Many concerned people, especially followers of his prophetic activities were demanding to know one whether the prophecy fail or there is a specific spiritual dimension to it that the people don’t understand? I hope His recent revelation would provide a perfect reason to the concerned lots. watch the video below.

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