Homos€xuality is caused by Ogbanje – Pete Edochie


Homos€xuality is caused by Ogbanje – Pete Edochie

Veteran Nollywood actor, Pete Edochie who has been in the news of late for airing out his opinions on crucial matters like; engagement proposals, and single mothers, have once again opined on a controversial topic.

This time around, the veteran talked about homo€exuality and how it is caused by “Ogbanje” (Abiku in Yoruba).

In a video making the rounds on micro blogging platform, twitter, Edochie said that when a child is born and looks sickly, he or she is suspected to be an ‘Ogbanje’(spirit child) and a mark is put on the child’s hand.

Edochie further says that the child eventually dies and then if the child comes back to the world, the spirit of a different gender might still be inside of him which may cause homos€xuality.

Homos€xuality is an issue that has become quite prevalent in the society and social media has also further helped to popularized it.

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