MAD OH: Man jailed two weeks for making calls in court

MAD OH: Man jailed two weeks for making calls in court

Sikiru Oyinloye, Justice of Kwara High Court in Ilorin has charged a man, Abdulwahab Adebayo, to two weeks in a correctional facility for answering phone calls during court proceedings.


Abdulwahab was in the court for a hearing and was repeatedly picking up his calls. Justice Oyinloye said the convict distracted the court and when he was summoned by the police officer attached to the court to stop disturbing the court, he refused.


“The convict refused to stop disturbing the court until another policeman dragged him off the court. He also exhibited a rude attitude in court, as he shouted and claimed to be innocent. The court premises is not a commercial call centre where anybody can receive or make calls as they wish.

People commit contempt of court with negligence. Ignorance of the law is an offence, I hereby sentence you to two weeks imprisonment, without an option of fine,” Oyinloye ruled.

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