[Quickly Read] Audio Fashion: Dress Vendor calls out BBNaija’s Cindy Okafor for wearing a clothes She Didn’t Pay For



An Instagram dress trader, beunique, has took to comments on the reality star, Cindy Okafor’s post, for violating their agreement by sharing a photo of her in a dress she didn’t pay for.

Audio fashion

The Vendor claimed she got a free cloth from them and all she was to do was to tag them in the picture whenever she takes a picture with it and upload it online, unfortunately for the vendor, Cindy uploaded the picture but did not tag them in the post.


This vendor took up to her post to make it public that she didn’t pay for the dress and she didn’t heed to the agreement.

“Cindy, please take down this post, you didn’t pay for this dress. How can you post a free dress without tagging after our agreement. It’s even better you don’t post it, than posting without tagging”, wrote the vendor.

An Instagram user responded to the vendor writing, “Maybe she forgot”, of which the vendor replied, “My dear, I called her, she hissed and cut the call on me, who does that?”

See screenshot below;


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