Top 6 Mistakes to Avoid When Applying to Immigrate to Canada

Thousands of people around the world migrate to Canada each year, and the Great Depression has been a great choice for those looking for a fresh start and a better future for their families. However, there are a number of applicants who have not made the final decision.

Starting the application without errors and complete migration application is more complicated than you think and is one of the main reasons they reject them or ask to re-submit their application which requires less money, time, and effort.

Ready to make a trip to Canada? Give us a chance to succeed with our list of six big mistakes to avoid when moving to Canada.

6 Mistakes to Avoid During the Canadian Immigration Application Process

Do: Explore migration options
Canada has more than 100 immigration programs and passports. Migration programs are more popular than others, such as the express installation program, for example. This also means that it is the most expensive way to get to Canada, and it will not be the right way for everyone experienced in fitness work. It is important to check all your options to make sure you have chosen the best option that will lead to a successful application.

Some migration plans are basic, while others are not. Some programs work on the main command system, while others do not. Some programs require staff or family responsibilities while others require rural or community support. And some programs open on an ongoing basis, while others have a fixed time.

Complete our full eligibility study to find the type of Immigration to Canada route that may be best for you.

Do not: Use an immigration consultant or law firm
While it is possible to complete a side-by-side application in Canada alone, many applicants have sought the help of immigration authorities or law firms to help them navigate through the immigration process. complicated. It is important to choose wisely because unfortunately, fraud advisers and copy companies are there.

Only consultants designed by the ICCRC can provide legal immigration services and oversee immigration applications. Find out how to tell if your agent is a fraud or a real deal here.

Prepare: Fill out your application form regularly

This may sound like a no-brainer but would it surprise you if you realize that it is one of the most common mistakes applicants make when applying for a visa to Canada? Immigration forms are long and complicated and there is no room to be mistaken. You need to provide as much information and detail as possible. Therefore, it is a real decision about his future in Canada.

Each page needs to be signed, sometimes more than once. For example, ‘Additional Family Information requires three signatures per page. This is a simple message that can cause the application to fail. What’s more, you need to write something in each section and even if you don’t know the answer to the question you must write ‘inappropriate’ or ‘No’, otherwise, your application will find it incomplete and will return to or reject .

Where can I get Canadian Immigration documents?
You can contact the Canadian government website to find Canadian Immigration documents to choose your Immigration program. It is important to note that residents or nationals of other countries are required to complete additional immigration forms. For example, Residence Permits are required for those who apply to immigrate to Canada from Abu Dhabi and the United Arab Emirates.

Can you produce Immigration documents for Canada?
This is a common question they ask and the answer is no, do not use foods, bags, rubber gloves, folders, or discs to launch your application. You can attach items such as photos and check certificates with a video clip. Otherwise, arrange the forms in order and leave them unauthorized.

Overcome the problem with your Visa Information Solver
As a customer, you will have access to a personal Visa Profile Registrar that is relevant to your migration plan and specific destinations. You can fill out all required online forms (no downloads, no prints, no scans) and immigration experts will review the immigration documents to make sure they are completed properly before downloading your application in full and send in your choice.

Do not: Fail to support a relevant experience with paper
The College of Business Immigrants Canada plans to open each year. The planned program is set at 208,600 visitors by 2021. This means that many newcomers to Canada will have permanent residency status based on their work experience and experience.

For this reason, it is very important to provide sufficient evidence to support your foreign experience. This includes the presentation of a complete letter explaining the following:

  • Your official job title;
  • The dates of your employment;
  • Your salary;
  • Your average hours per week; and
  • A detailed list of your employment duties

If your letter mentions your income, then add another tax, and so on. The immigration officer will determine if your work experience matches the number of the National Security Council (NOC) you have chosen.

Not knowing how to choose the correct NOC number or a combination of different numbers for a maximum safe amount of work experience is a big mistake that applicants make when applying for Immigration to Canada.

Do: Translate all documents into English or French

Some major immigrant countries do not have English as their official language. Therefore, it seems that many of their important documents such as birth certificates, marriage certificates and higher education have been written in another language. As a rule of thumb, all documents must be translated into English or French. On this, you must submit your application with a certificate from the interpreter you used and copy the original documents.

No: Let your supporting documents be completed
There are some Immigration documents that have deadlines such as police certificates (three months) and an assessment of the impact of the labor market (six months). It is important that your documents are collected so that they will continue to work until the time you submit your application and during the process. Canadian Immigration Adviser David Allon offers his advice to help you stay with him.

Read more about what documents you need here.

Ace Your Canadian Visa Application the First Time

Quick Recap

  1. Explore all your immigration options;
  2. Don’t use an unregulated Canadian immigration consultant or law firm;
  3. Fill in your immigration forms accurately;
  4. Support essential work experience with documents;
  5. Translate all documents to English or French; and
  6. Don’t let your supporting documents expire

Avoiding these six major mistakes while applying for a move to Canada will help you secure your application and before you know it, you will be on your way to Canadian life. If you would like help with a Canadian passport application, just fill out the form to begin your full eligibility process and find your way to Canada with a fitness certificate.

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